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S&M Bicycle Co

$ 19.00

S&M '87' Tank Top

S&M logo tank. 100% cotton
$ 29.99

S&M 101 bmx pedal

This is a smaller than average pedal. The One-O-One name refers to it's overall size. Most pedals are 110mm. A smaller pedal is lighter and doesn't get in the way as much. The pins are replaceable and each set of pedals comes with an extra set. We only put 4 threaded pins per ...
$ 35.00

S&M 19mm Mid Bottom Bracket Kit

Works with any 19mm crankset and mid bottom bracket. Fullt sealed.
$ 64.99

S&M 4pc 7" cruiser bars

RISE 7.00″ WIDTH 29″ UPSWEEP 1.5° BACK SWEEP 12° CROSS BAR .75″ WEIGHT 1.95 lb (.73 kg) MATERIAL 4130 CrMo
$ 54.99

S&M 5" cruiser race bars

RISE 5″ WIDTH 29″ UPSWEEP 4° BACK SWEEP 8° CROSS BAR .75″ WEIGHT 1.6 lb (.73 kg) MATERIAL 4130 CrMo
$ 55.00

S&M 5.75" 29er BMX Handlebars

RISE 5.75″ WIDTH 29″ UPSWEEP 4° BACK SWEEP 8° CROSS BAR .75″ WEIGHT 1.6 lb (.73 kg) MATERIAL 4130 CrMo
$ 54.99

S&M 6.5 expert race bars

$ 3.99

S&M Air Freshener

Get the man stink out of the van TODAY with the sweet smell of this S&M Air Freshener
$ 14.99

S&M Beringer Bmx bar ends

These bad boys will save the ends of your bars! and look sweet as well!
$ 3.99

S&M Big Sheild BMX sticker

Big S&M sheild sticker. show your love with this sweet sticker
$ 19.99

S&M Big Shield T-Shirt

100% Cottom preshrunk Shield logo T-Shirt from the OG bike company, S&M
$ 64.99

S&M Bike Co. Elevenz BMX Handlebars

$ 35.99

S&M bikes 19mm aluminum euro bb

S&M Bikes 19mm Aluminum euro bb  
$ 14.99

S&M bikes bmx pad set

S&M bikes reissue this vintage padset.  if your cool enough you can run this!
$ 12.99

S&M bikes Coffee Mug

keeps your beverage warm in the AM 12 oz of pure greatness!
$ 59.99

S&M Bikes Fu Bar

$ 49.99

S&M bikes L7 spline bmx sprocket

Made in USA3D CNC’ed from 1/4″ 7075 T-6 AluminumAvailable in 25T, 28T, and 30T sizesHeat Treated 48 spline- 4130 InsertBuilt in Washer
$ 29.99

S&M Bikes Long Johnson pivotal seat post

S&M Bikes LONG JOHNSON STEALTH PIVOTAL SEATPOST   At 320mm, the Long Johnson post can be adjusted high enough for comfortably riding while seated, as well as low enough to be out of the way when necessary. Stealth Pivotal mounting system accepts an Allen wrench from below, not thru the sea...
$ 24.99

S&M Bikes Mesh Camo Trucker bmx hat

S&M Bikes with this Mesh Camo trucker hat fully designed, made, and printed in the USA america
$ 134.99

S&M bikes Pitchfork XLT forks

LEGS Double Butted, Tapered, 4130 CrMo DROPOUTS Laser Cut 3/8″ Slot STEERER TUBE 1 Piece CNC-Machined 4130 CrMo, Extruded 6061 Steerer Tube Insert STEERER TUBE LENGTH 20″ – 166mm22″ – 160mm24″ – 160mm COMPRESSION M10 X 1.25 Thread – 6mm Allen Slot AXLE TO CROWN HEIGHT 20″ – 315.5mm22...
$ 6.99

S&M bikes Retrograde bmx sock

S&M Bikes RETROGRADE SOCK Pull a pair of these puppies on and your dogs will be howling with delight… with Shield-embroidered bottoms so you can mark your territory!  
$ 75.99

S&M Bikes Shield bmx floor mat 3x2

S&M bikes bmx floor mat - made in the usa 3’ X 2’ S&M poly vinyl (rubber) Shield floor mat. MADE in USA from recycled material, these high quality, long lasting, easy to clean mats are 1/4" thick and weigh almost 10 pounds each.
$ 40.00

S&M bikes Skate Deck 8"

S&M Bikes Skate Deck S&M Hoarders unit with some kicking in pushing! S&M 8″ SKATE DECK – MADE IN USA Shield printed Canadian Hard Rock Maple ready to turn and burn on even  the tightest set-ups with an ultra-responsive 14” wheelbase! 100% 7 ply Canadian hard rock maple31.25” X 8”14” ...
$ 24.99

S&M Bikes Speedball Tires

20 x 2.10 Inflated Width: 2.24 (57mm)Inflated Diameter: 20.37 (517mm)Max Pressure: 110 psiWeight: 22 oz   20 x 2.40 Inflated Width: 2.5″ (63.6mm)Inflated Diameter: 21 (533mm)Max Pressure: 110 psiWeight: 27 oz
$ 29.99

S&M Bikes Track Mark bmx tire

The Trackmark is our race tire. Available in folding Kevlar bead only and with a lightweight, high TPI race casing. The Trackmark center tread is broken to increase acceleration and braking traction and to reduce weight. Its a smooth, fast tire designed for todays hard packed or paved tracks and ...
$ 5.99

S&M bikes Wood Coaster made in usa

Made in the U.S.A. by Shield Alum Cameron Wood, you know this 3.5″ diameter coaster is crafted from that good wood.
$ 5.99

S&M Block bmx sock

S&M BLOCK SOCK Your podiatrist called. He said you should wear these if you know what’s good.
$ 14.99

S&M Bmx Brake Bosses

Includes 2 pcs brake pivot ed black, 2 pcs brake bolts,2 pcs flush mount brake bolts, 1pc Barrel, 1 set of slotted cable guide and bolt, 1pc 2.5mm allen key
$ 5.99

S&M Bmx Button Pack

be punk rock, or the hipster you always wanted to be with this S&M button back!
$ 6.00

S&M bmx Leather Coaster- made in the usa

S&M Bikes bmx leather coaster keep your tables clean and looking good with this leather coaster from S&M bikes
$ 10.00

S&M bmx writing pens pack of 10

S&M bikes coming out with some writing pens.   
$ 64.99

S&M Bruiser cruiser bmx bars

RISE 6.5″ WIDTH 29″ UPSWEEP 4° BACK SWEEP 8° CROSS BAR .625″ WEIGHT 1.5 lb (.68 kg) MATERIAL Butted 4130 CrMo, 4Q Baked Post-Weld Heat Treat
$ 19.99

S&M bucket hat

S&M bucket hat The sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom… and we’ve got some fresh floral for you fools! Our new FLORAL BUCKET HAT should be on your head! Make it happen.  
$ 65.99

S&M Credence 8.7 BMX Handlebars

Be cool like Clint Reynolds and get a grip on life with these bars!
$ 2.49

S&M Credence Coozie

it keeps your breverage warm at night
$ 4.99

S&M Credence Feel My Chest Muscles I'm a Trail Builder DVD

S&M Credence Feel My Chest Muscles I'm a Trail Builder DVD  
$ 64.99

S&M Credence Turtle Neck bmx stem

Team Credence wanted to tweak our classic Challenger stem to suit their brand of riding. The result is the Turtleneck a 6061 T-6 aluminum CNC machined stem thats a hair longer and narrower, with an internal cutout that lightens it up. REACH: 52 mm MATERIAL: 6061-T6 Aluminum WE...
$ 19.99

S&M Crew Snapback Hat

Adult size embroidered S&M Bikes logo snap back hat. Rich bold tones. Adjustable back closure fits *most*
$ 64.99

S&M enduro bmx stem

Rise: 30mm (upright)1.50mm (inverted) Reach: 40mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm Weight: (40mm) 10.85 oz.(49mm) 11.20 oz.(52mm) 11.55 oz.(55mm) 11.85oz.
$ 64.99

S&M Fat Head bmx handle bar

RISE 8.5″ WIDTH 29″ UPSWEEP 4° BACK SWEEP 11° CROSS BAR 3/4″ WEIGHT 2.13 lb (.97 kg) MATERIAL 4130 CrMO Straight Gauge, 4Q post Weld Heat Treat
$ 15.99

S&M Five Panel Shield Hat

You'll be the coolest cat around in the 5-panel hat from S&M Bike Company! One Size fits most, adjustable back closure.
$ 64.99

S&M Grand Slam bmx handlebar

RISE 8.25″ WIDTH 29″ UPSWEEP 1.5° BACK SWEEP 11° CROSS BAR .875″ WEIGHT 2.1 lb (.95 kg) MATERIAL 4130 CrMo
$ 39.99 - $ 55.00

S&M Grand Slam Small Bars

RISE7.5″ WIDTH28″ UPSWEEP3.5° BACK SWEEP11° CROSS BAR.75″ WEIGHT1.8 lb (.82 kg) MATERIAL4130 CrMo Straight Gauge
$ 64.99

S&M Grand Slam XLT BMX Race Handlebars

RISE 8.25″ WIDTH 29″ UPSWEEP 1.5° BACK SWEEP 11° CROSS BAR .75″ WEIGHT 1.8 lb (.82 kg) MATERIAL Butted 4130 CrMo, 4Q Baked Post-Weld Heat Treat
$ 15.99

S&M hip flask

put your juice in this sweet s&m hip flask
$ 64.99

S&M hoder bmx bars

RISE 8.625″ WIDTH 30″ UPSWEEP 1.5° BACK SWEEP 11° CROSS BAR .75″ WEIGHT 2.13 lb (.97 kg) MATERIAL 4130 CrMo
$ 64.99

S&M Hoder High Bmx bars

Hoder Bars just got a bit Higher. Mike gives you a rundown on his new Hoder High bars as he throws a new pair on his bike and takes them for a test run. Same comfortable/strong design as the Hoder bars, but just a little Higher. Hoder High available now! 100% “4Q Baked”, Heat Treated CrMo Big...
$ 34.99

S&M Kevlar bmx seat

There are people out there still running railed seats? Joking! It took me a forever to make the switch from railed to pivotal seats. For those of you still rocking the rails, S&M just released this new shield railed seat. It features hollow 8mm chromoly rails, midweight padding, and an emboss...
$ 32.00

S&M Kevlar Pivotal Logo BMX Seat

Medium padding on mid size base with hollow bolt.Black Kevlar cover with S&M Shield patch.Weight: 9.90 oz
$ 25.99

S&M Mainline BMX tire

The Mainline is our trail tire. Available in wire bead only with a mid weight, high pressure casing. The 2.1 has a micro knurled surface on a directional tread designed to go on the rear. It features a center tread with a V-notched edge for accelerating and a flat edge for braking. The 2.425 fron...

FatBoy Bikes

$ 279.99

Mini Fat Boy Pro Assault bike Glow in the Dark

The Original FATBOY Mini BMX in Glow finish. The Pro series is for those seeking extra durability and strength with an upgraded 3-piece crank set, pedals, and Reinforced frame. its able to with stand some of the Gnarliest Bomb Hard tricks out there.  Fatboy Mini BMX are an all ages bicycle for ri...


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