Custom DK Nano with profile hubs

Custom DK Nano with profile hubs

Here is this rad DK nano that is taking the internet by storm!!!!

this blue/pink nano, we did up with limited edition cotton candy mini hubs, blue titanium spokes and pink alloy nipples, topped it off with  this is AWESOME to say the least!!! 


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Chad Powers July 12, 2017

Sick Custom twin top tube Standard 125r in Chrome

Sick Custom twin top tube Standard 125r in Chrome

Check this beauty out! a custom Standard 125r built through Powers bike shop. custom geometry to customers specs. we also had it chromed for him! 


here is a few pictures and parts we built it up with! 

Standard 125r cruiser frame with twin top tube

S&M race forks in chrome

kink bicycles headset

Profile push stem

S&M chrome bruiser bars

vans lock on grips

shimano DXR lever

chrome box concentric cable

red bullseye brakes

Chrome/red profile elite cranks

profile elite chainring 37t

Tangent carve seat

Chrome sun rhyno lite rims

chrome DT swiss spokes

red USA brand nipples

red/chrome bullseye hubs

pedal innovation flat pedals


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Chad Powers July 03, 2017

Here is a rad video of the anniversary party from KIRolling

Here is a rad video of the anniversary party from KIRolling

Check this video out! share it and like it!!! thanks so much for the dudes over at KIRolling for filming, making this video!!! love the support!


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Chad Powers April 20, 2017



Here is this sick custom we slapped together!

standard 250l frame in clear

FBM forks in clear

FBM headset

Fit Brian foster stem

Standard Strip bars in clear

Vans lock on grips

Odyssey Evo brake kit

Kink stealth pivotal seat post

Profile pivotal seat 

FBM hose seat clamp

Odyssey cranks

odyssey bottom bracket

Fit sprocket

Odyssey blue bird chain

Odyssey 7ka rear rim, odyssey lite house front rim

Merritt Brian Foster tires

Profile mini hubs

Profile hub guards

Daily grind pegs

Odyssey grand stand pedals

all of this and more is available through the shop! online or in store 711 hospital street #1 richmond VA 23219 or

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Chad Powers April 19, 2017

Powers bike shop anniversary party by FBM

Powers bike shop anniversary party by FBM

the anniversary party was awesome!! we will be making a few posts about it! here is the first video to come out of the FBM dudes at the party Saturday!



photo of crandall was taking by Kaleb bolton

video was done by Steve Crandall 

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Chad Powers April 11, 2017

Cant Go Wrong with This S&M Credence build!

Cant Go Wrong with This S&M Credence build!

All chrome bmx bike stand the test of time!! from the early 80s chrome as been a staple in the bmx world!!! every kid who didn't have a chrome whip wanted one!! every kid who had one couldn't keep it polished enough!!!! with that in mind check out this dialed S&M credence build we did in chrome!!!!


S&M credence frame

S&M pitchfork xlt

S&M Shredneck stem

S&M Credence xl bars

Primo headset

S&M Hoder grips

odyssey mono lever

snafu linear brake cable

Odyssey evo brakes 

S&M stealth seat post

S&M Stealth seat

Profile mid bottom bracket

Profile imperial sprocket 33t

Profile cranks

Fit mac pedals

odyssey blue bird chain

Profile mini hubs 12t cog

DT Swiss spokes

odyssey aero space rims

Merritt Brian foster tires



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Chad Powers March 16, 2017
Chad Powers February 28, 2017

Profile Z coaster

Photos of some rad bmx wheel set we built lately!!!

Check out all these custom wheels we built here at the shop!! we can rebuild these wheels and more for you at anytime!!!!



old school bmx wheels custom built

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Chad Powers February 17, 2017

Chad Degroot celebrates 10 years on profile with Kaleidoscope colorway

Chad Degroot celebrates 10 years on profile with Kaleidoscope colorway

Check Out Chad Degroots new Kaleidoscope colorway!!! this stuff is amazing!!!!

this color way is very limited!

the color way comes in the profile mini hubs, profile elite hubs, sabra sprocket and the profile push stem. 


click below and buy it now!

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Chad Powers February 01, 2017

We Celebrated Our 1 Year Anniversary of our new Shop

We Celebrated Our 1 Year Anniversary of our new Shop


November 1st we celebrated 1 year of the new shop! we thank each and everyone of you who has stopped by, rode the ramps, hung out, like our pictures online, hung out with bear. This year has been the best for powers bike shop so far!! we are looking forward to many  more jams, party's, movie nights, hang outs, and sesh in the future!  here are a few pictures from sunday! all photos were taken by crandle! 

Latane works here on sundays and mondays! come chill with this bearded wonder! we hired him solely on his good looks. 

Steve Crandle, the man! rad dude and stoked we get to spend time together!


Doug fines! stoked to call this brother a friend! 


Ski and neil! to rad dudes! supports powers bike shop to the fullest! we get pumped everytime these dudes walk thru the door! 

You have seen this dude working the door for us at the national events! Adam, my dude! 

James Lukas! works at the shop tuesday-saturday. stoked to have him as one of my best friends! he has been here for powers bike from day one! and for me personally from pre bike shop days! props trails, 809, manassas was a good time then!

then there is garrett anderson a sweet mustache rat tail having trashy boy! 

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Chad Powers November 08, 2016

Powers bike shop/fbm/profile/qbp/gwar weekend!!!!

Powers bike shop/fbm/profile/qbp/gwar weekend!!!!

holy moly we do not know where to start about this past weekend!! absolutely amazing!!! stoke level was to 11, fun meter was to 12. here is some pictures and a short edit for those who missed out!!! 


started off friday here at the shop. showed up at 10am (when we try to open) with kids waiting for us! we built a new ramp, changed a few others, had a new quarter donated my the motoscum crew! 

Mark Mulville, Trey jones, Matt Coplon, Steve crandle, most of the FBM crew, dudes from QBP all came through the shop and loved it! ramps where on fire! 


(photo by johnny culbreth)


Saturday we went to Gwarbq and FBM world championship lake jumping!!! it was un real! 

(photo by crandle)



here is a short edit from the weekend as well!!! click it, check it, subscribe to our channel! 



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Chad Powers August 22, 2016

Powers Bike Shop Boondocks trip/shoreham bmx track

Powers Bike Shop Boondocks trip/shoreham bmx track

This past weekend Powers bike shop owner Chad Powers took a trip up to long island, NY for a good day of riding at the Boondocks trails. then sunday headed over to Shoreham bmx track for the Mirracle bmx jam. here is a few pictures and short video of the weekend!! 

Huge thanks to the crew at the Boondocks! you know who you are!




here is a few pictures from the mirracle bmx jam at the Shoreham bmx track. such a rad bmx day! glad powers bike shop could be apart of it!!


check out this short little edit, also subscribe to our youtube page. 


big shout out to long island, and any and all builders that have ever stacked dirt! keep the woods alive! i don't know were i would be without the woods!

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Chad Powers July 28, 2016 4 tags (show)

This GT Carbon Race Build is so bad It just might break the Internet

This GT Carbon Race Build is so bad It just might break the Internet




this super slick gt carbon frame and fork, is built out with the box limited edition gun metal grey parts kit. we used the profile elite cranks with the profile elite bb30 bottom bracket, box cosine 4 bolt sprocket. speedline elite half link chain. the wheels are bad to the bone! profile elite 15mm hubs in flat black, raw usa brand titanium spokes, black usa brand alloy nipples, box focus gun metal grey rims, wrapped with tioga s-spec kevlar tires. we used the box gun metal grey delta stem, and the box maximus bars, box brake lever and the box hex lock on grips made by odi. last but not least we used the box echelon carbon seat/post combo and the box phase 1 number plate to finish it off! this thing is bad and will now be seen hopefully leading some races in the north east! 

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Emilia Albeitawi May 18, 2016 1 tags (show)

Another Rad Video from Bryant Morales from the Powers Bike Shop opening day


our friends from Roanoke VA made the trip up for the Powers bike Shop opening day Jam. check out his video, share it, like it! tell your friends!!! 



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Chad Powers April 25, 2016

Powers Bike Shop Grand opening Bootny Lee Presents!

The grand opening was a awesome time! Sp many rad tricks, rad people, rad times, and rad prizes!!!

Here is a sweet edit put together by Bootny Lee Presents. deff check it out, share it! 



Powers bike shop opening day cake

This is Doug Fines, he won most rad!

Marcus Saunders won the drag race


Shane Leeper Won the best rail trick!

Curtis cantwell won best trick with a crazy wall ride over the door and a weird 270 thing into the bank

Probably the craziest thing all weekend was Tommy with his Fuf on the pole, here is Van homan giving him his trophy!

 here is a few more rad pics from the day! 

Thanks to all the generous and amazing sponsors! 

Profile racing for the donation of the Z coaster. 

FBM bikes for the ramps

Wheel Mill for the free 1 day passes

True Tattoo for $500 worth of gift cards

Cult bmx


Dk bicycles

Fit Bike Company

Haro Bicyles

Merritt bmx

Raw Tee designs

Standard byke company


Richmond bmx


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Chad Powers March 28, 2016

Custom Standard x Profile Elite Build: Purple Rain

Custom Expert Tubing, Pro Size Standard Byke Co Frame, Forks, Bars

Profile Elite Cranks, Sprocket

Profile Stem

Profile Elite Hubset

Profile Elite x Native Bikes Seat

Crupi Seatpost

Odyssey Pedals



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Emilia Albeitawi March 25, 2016

Product of the Day: Tioga Fastr Tires

Tioga's newest tire offering for the Spring 2016 season is stocked in the Powers Bike Shop online store. These tires are built slick for maximum speed and reliability. They come with a engineered three layer system of state of the art materials including culex, pneuma, and avntguard for cut protection. They're a folding bead tire of the highest quality. Available here.

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Chad Powers March 22, 2016

Profile Racing x Native Bikes Limited Edition Pivotal Seats


These seats are handmade of real suede and pebbled leather by Native Bikes in the USA. They are available for purchase here.

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Chad Powers March 20, 2016

Hyper Jet Fuel Custom Build


This Jet Fuel build is absolutely stunning!


Hyper Jet fuel BMX Race Frame

Snafu Jet fuel Forks

Snafu Jet Fuel stem

Cliq Addict bars in chrome

Gold Promax Brake Kit

Cliq weaponz Race Cranks

Tangent chainring with purple alloy nipples

Wheel set:

Gold Profile Elite Hubset laced with USA Brand Rainbow Titanium Spokes, Purple alloy nipples, to polish Alienation Malice tubeless rims. 

Tioga Powerblock tires

Snafu jet fuel seat clamp and seat post with Tioga spider seat on top. 


Shop our entire Jet Fuel collection here!


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Chad Powers March 11, 2016