Profile Elite Front bmx hub 28h

$ 123.00

Brand: Profile

If your color is out of stock please call us to get them ordered straight from Profile!

Elite Front Hubs are very similar to the Totem front hubs. They use the same hub shells, and feature similar anodized cone spacers and bolt head covers. The difference is that the Elite hubs have cone spacers with pressed on CrMo knurled washers to reduce axle spin when you're tightening the hub into the fork.


Elite Front Hubs are available with the following options:

    • Red, Blue, Black, Polished, and Gold
    • 36 or 28 holes
    • 3/8 (10mm) CrMo axle bolts or Titanium axle bolts
    • Standard 3/8 axle bolts come with anodized Volcano Bolt Head Covers. Optional 17mm Hex Head bolts with 8mm keyway available
3/8 Front Hub Weights

CrMo Axle Bolts: 8.1oz / 231g
Ti Axle Bolts: 7.3oz / 207g