24-7 Project aluminum race bars

$ 54.99

Brand: 24-7

4" / white

Some one has to be willing to lead to not just jump in line and follow !

24-7 Project 6 aluminum race bars

Over at TFS design lab they take this saying to heart when designing you the best products we can.

TFS strive to be innovative and bring you new ideas to make your bike go faster, jump higher, be lighter and just all around work better.

With this concept TFS introduce to you the TFS Project 6 aluminum handlebars!

Brought to you from the minds deep in the heart of the D labs.


Made out of multi butted heat treated 6061aluminum

 --  Custom bulge shaped crossbar for strength while keeping weight down.

-- Very light weight with out being so fragile like carbon bars

--  Less then 1/2 the cost of carbon

 --  Unique taler 6.75 expert size