Hawk Racing outboard bottom bracket

Hawk Racing

Hawk Racing™ bottom brackets have been designed with the pro cyclist in mind. Replace your standard bottom bracket with a new generation bottom bracket that is 10% lighter than ceramic products and takes up to 80% less energy than the next most efficient bottom bracket on the market.

Folmer Technology™ bearings (patent pending) have changed the perception of ceramic bearings by being ultra light weight, durable and affordable bottom brackets made to help you make each performance your best and to last without frequent service intervals.
The specially designed bearings have a high grade lubrication which is typically used in a slightly different form in the aero space industry. Our bearings utilize a ligher seal than ceramic bearings, and they will get you to terminal velocity more quickly and easily.
Our bearings have been featured in Buyer Guides, received several awards for innovated product of the year and even won a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games