Madera V2 Celestial BMX Hubset - limited edition !

$ 290.99

Brand: Madera


The Madera Pilot V2 Front Hub weighs only 8.2 ounces/234 grams. It features a light alloy hubshell with recessed hub flanges to protect the spoke heads, and uses the same aluminum center axle as the Profile Mini Hub.
The Madera Pilot front hub comes with the proprietary 3/8 Madera "Beach Bolts" (as shown on Celestial Hub color-way photo below) but other options are available below.

Flange Diameter: 43mm
Hub Center to Flange Center: 32mm


The new Madera Cassette V.2 Hub uses the same internals as the Profile Cassette hub for maximum reliability and upgrade-ability down the road. You can ordered it with three piece aluminum (race) 3/8 front and rear and 2pc race driver or freestyle with 3/8" front and GDH* 14mm axle rear with 9t. 36 hole only. Right hand drive only

467g with 9t Driver, 14mm CrMo GDH Axle with Aluminum Axle Nuts

370g with 9t Driver, 3/8 CrMo axle bolts with Aluminum center axle 

 Drive Side Flange Diameter: 54mm
Non-Drive Side Flange Diameter: 43mm

 Drive side hub center to flange center: 28mm

Non-Drive side hub center to flange center: 33mm