Profile elite bmx freewheel

$ 119.99

Brand: Profile

Profile Elite freewheel PRODUCT DETAILS

-140 points of engagement
-Two Fully Sealed Bearings
-Hardened CrMo Outer Cog Driver
-Titanium Inner Body Driver
-Easily Serviced and Completely Rebuildable
-3/32 Teeth

Available in 16t through 22t.

Made in the USA!

Proprietary Removal Tool Sold Separately.

16t: 4.9oz/139g
17t: 5.1oz/146g
18t: 5.4oz/154g
19t: 5.6oz/160g
20t: 5.6oz/160g
21t: 5.75oz/164g
22t: 6.0oz/171g