Profile Racing Sabre Limited edition Tropicalia

$ 78.99

Brand: Profile

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-CNC machined from 7075 aluminum

-The Profile Sabre is a unique “universal” sprocket.

-It uses an adapter insert to make the sprocket compatible with spline drive or bolt on style cranks.

25t, 28t, 30t, & 33t Sabre Sprockets have a spider bolt hole. They can be used as either bolt on or spline drive depending on adapter chosen.

-The adapter is available for 19mm, 22mm, & 24mm axle sizes. One sprocket fits all!

-A Universal Adapter Insert can be added when purchasing the guard sprocket(Recommended), purchased seperately, or be not required if you already have one.

Following are the Universal Adapter choices:
A. 19mm Spline Drive
B. 22mm Spline Drive
C. 19mm Bolt On
D. 22mm Bolt On
E. 24mm Bolt On


price included the adapter so please let us know which one you need