Shimano PD-M785 XT clipless pedals

$ 119.99

Brand: Shimano

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  • Actual weight 404 grams a pair
  • Increased Pedal-Shoe interface
  • Wider Pedal Platform for increased stability
  • Integrated Pedal Cage for stability when not clipped in
  • Adjustable Entry and Release Tension

It's no secret that wide bodied and platform pedals give more control. Simply look at the DH segment for proof. When absolute stability is needed, DH riders use platform pedals or pedals with a clip and platform. Shimano recognized that not everyone wants a super lightweight clipless pedal. For some control and stability is more important.

Following in the footsteps of the XTR Trail pedals, the Shimano M785 XT All Mountain Pedals are designed to give you more control, more stability, and the sure-footedness to tackle harry descents. The XT pedal benefits heavily from the design work of the XTR Trail and retains much of the high-end model's shape. Notable differences are the use of heavier materials, round (rather than oval) axle body, and the not-as-wide bearing placement. 

For those who don't live in muddy climates, the Shimano XT M785 All Mountain pedal is a no brainer. Same wide body pedal design as the XTR, but a bit easier on the wallet.