Terrible One Skapegoat bmx frame

$ 359.99

Brand: Terrible One

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20.25", 20.5", 20.75", 21", 21.25", 21.5" TT
13.35” - 13.8” CS
75º HT
71º ST
11.75” BBH
8.85” SOH
sprocket Clearance: 25T - 30T (all of these clear the brakes)
6mm thick dropouts with 14mm slots and integrated chain tensioners
TT and DT gussets
integrated seat post clamp
accepts removable brake mounts / cable guide / gyro tabs Included!!!!
2.40” tire clearance
Mid BB shell
integrated HT
CS wishbone
holes for removable brake mounts are on CS 
Brake Bosses are included!!! 
gloss raw
olive / mustard (RAL 7008) = "green" in frame variation choices