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Powers bike shop/fbm/profile/qbp/gwar weekend!!!!

holy moly we do not know where to start about this past weekend!! absolutely amazing!!! stoke level was to 11, fun meter was to 12. here is some pictures and a short edit for those who missed out!!! 


started off friday here at the shop. showed up at 10am (when we try to open) with kids waiting for us! we built a new ramp, changed a few others, had a new quarter donated my the motoscum crew! 

Mark Mulville, Trey jones, Matt Coplon, Steve crandle, most of the FBM crew, dudes from QBP all came through the shop and loved it! ramps where on fire! 


(photo by johnny culbreth)


Saturday we went to Gwarbq and FBM world championship lake jumping!!! it was un real! 

(photo by crandle)



here is a short edit from the weekend as well!!! click it, check it, subscribe to our channel! 



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Chad Powers August 22, 2016

Powers Bike Shop Boondocks trip/shoreham bmx track

This past weekend Powers bike shop owner Chad Powers took a trip up to long island, NY for a good day of riding at the Boondocks trails. then sunday headed over to Shoreham bmx track for the Mirracle bmx jam. here is a few pictures and short video of the weekend!! 

Huge thanks to the crew at the Boondocks! you know who you are!




here is a few pictures from the mirracle bmx jam at the Shoreham bmx track. such a rad bmx day! glad powers bike shop could be apart of it!!


check out this short little edit, also subscribe to our youtube page. 


big shout out to long island, and any and all builders that have ever stacked dirt! keep the woods alive! i don't know were i would be without the woods!

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Chad Powers July 28, 2016