Get to Know Us

Powers Bike Shop owner Chad Powers' was born and raised in Nokesville, Virginia where he got his start. His love affair with cycling began at the age of three when his dad brought him home a pink bike he found at the local dump. Once he mastered wheelies on it at the age of 5 he decided it was true love! He began racing in the NBL league in the mid-90's and and was hooked on BMX. His parents, "Big Chad" and Brenda nurtured this passion. They became members of their local BMX track board in Northern Virginia, and Big Chad even built him some sweet dirt jumps and a real BMX track complete with a gate right in the backyard. The whole family was in on the fun and excitement of racing, and another plus was the awesome extended "BMX Family" they gained in the process. As Chad got older racing became his whole life! He used the mechanic skills he started teaching himself in the shed out back to  secured jobs in top cycling shops in the Dc/Metro area where he refined his knowledge further. After many years of working on expensive triathlon bikes and teaching himself how to build wheels (an art in and of itself) he decided to take his destiny into his own hands and follow his true passion; BMX! In 2004 Powers Bike Shop became the mobile shop that is known today after Chad sustained injuries on the track that effectively ended his racing career. As bummed as he was he didn't let that stop him from being a part the BMX community and years later Powers Bike Shop is going still strong. Thanks in large part to the awesome BMX community of followers who represent and believe in Powers Bike Shop and treat everyone at Powers like family. It's crazy to look back on over a decade of adventures and awesome races and think about all of the progress Powers Bike Shop has made. What started as a somewhat shady van in the parking lot of skate parks and NBL National races everywhere to a mail order warehouse, mobile shop so many riders and their families have grown to know and love. We are super excited to start the next step of our journey opening up a true BMX specific full service shop in Richmond, Virginia. The first of it's kind in a bicycle centric city. We hope to expand our support for the freestyle and race scenes in Richmond with this new location. We might be expanding, but our awesome service, innate knowledge of all things BMX, and huge selection won't be changing anytime soon. Chad still works at every race, dirt bagging it in the pursuit of the next great BMX adventure. Come out and see us sometime! We are always stoked to expand our family of fellow BMX riders who love this sport as much as we do!